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[Series] South Asians Spicing Up Politics: Sabi Kumar

1. What experience led you to public service?

It was my interest in public matters, public debate, and civic organizations and duties. I am a physician . I had served the community for 37 years. I touched many lives. The people responded back to me with kindness and respect.

2. What role has your south asian identity played in your political perspective?

This may disappoint you but I believe in assimilation rather than be a hyphenated ethnicity. I do believe that the values that I was taught, play a role in my interaction with others. But these are universal. Love kindness, decency, honesty, caring etc., exist in all cultures and societies.

3. What advice do you have for South Asians who might run for office?

Assimilate! America has loved us by giving us great opportunities. Let us love her back. Let us enjoy, respect, honor and participate in this society and culture.

4. Why should South Asian Americans vote?

Civic duty! Assimilate! Be a part of the Society that has given us so so much! In my case, America has given me everything I have including the opportunity to fulfill my dreams.

Polls open November 6, 2018. Go Vote!

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